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Seagrave Capital Management are excited to announce our latest Explosive Investment Opportunity with AirBnB. With the introduction of their latest Initial Public Offering grabbing a lot of attention as it is tipped to be one of the the biggest IPO's in 2020. Investors are about to see some massive gains when they go public and If you would like to get involved contact us direct for more information. Alternatively download our Introduction Brochure by following the link below. (NOTE : Restrictions Apply)

Your guide to buying Airbnb shares with Seagrave Capital.


Early investment in Airbnb is not available to certain retail investors (please discuss with a Seagrave Capital Investment Advisor) but you will be able to buy shares through Seagrave Capital on the first day they start trading. 

Here are the steps you can take in advance to be ready for day 1:

1.    Open and fund an account

You will be able to hold shares in your Seagrave Capital Trading Account.

2.    Complete the exchange agreements

You need to complete this form before you make your first international trade. We will prompt you to complete the agreements the first time you search for an international share price.

3.    Complete a United States dealing (W-8) form 

Before you can buy US-listed shares you need to have completed a W-8 form. You can find the form, and instructions for sending it back to us, on the link below.

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