We are professional investment managers - not salespeople. Clients can see our incentives are directly tied to growing their wealth and protecting their assets over time.

Benefits to Clients

Transparency - Seagrave Capital Management's business model as a 'fee-only' adviser is simple to understand. We are professional investment managers - not salespeople. Clients can see our incentives are directly tied to growing their wealth and protecting their assets over time.

Simplicity - Because we invest client funds directly into a select list of companies, we know what we own and are directly accountable for holdings and performance. We are not out-sourcing management of client funds to other advisers, indexes and asset 'buckets' where both what you own - and 'fees on top of fees' - becomes confusing.


Independent/Unbiased - As a 100% partner-owned firm, we are independent and free of any corporate hierarchy or outside influences. There is no large ‘menu’ of different products to sell, nor is there any incentive to transact. We keep portfolio turnover low because it is more tax efficient and produces better long-term returns. 


Planning/Advice/Relationships - Delivering competitive returns with an appropriate risk profile for each client is central to what we do. However, the relationships we have developed typically span more than a decade because clients have come to trust us for all manner of general investment advice and financial planning activities that go well beyond simply delivering a portfolio return.  

A Consistent Investment Process - We stick to an investment process that is opportunistic, time-tested and avoids attempts at market-timing. Clients are paying us for our judgement as well as a comprehensive research process that involves debate, rigor and patience. They want to understand how we are investing their money and that we are following a consistent discipline.

Communication - Keeping in touch is vitally important. Clients do not deal with intermediaries but have direct access to the portfolio managers investing their account to address any questions or issues in a timely manner.

Team Player - As a trusted adviser  to our clients, we work extensively with other professionals such as accountants, attorneys, and actuaries to help solve client issues in a timely manner.

Client Types

Individuals & Families - Seagrave Capital Management's  Account Managers work closely with individuals on their taxable and tax deferred accounts (IRAs, 401(k)s etc). We have extensive experience working with multi-generational families and understand the dynamics of creating and maintaining wealth. 

Investment Advisor's & Platforms - Investment Advisers require outsourced managers to provide consistent investment strategies. Seagrave Capital Management meets these needs through its separate account portfolios and platform solutions.

Trustees & Attorneys - Approximately 40% of our assets under management are trusts. We work closely with trustees to meet mandates within diverse trust documents. We also work with attorneys who are trustees to high net worth families. 

Institutions & Foundations - Seagrave Capital Management's partners have managed institutional accounts for many many years.

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