Client portfolios designed by Seagrave Capital Management consist of traditional strategies involving stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, hedge fund strategies, and private equity. Whether any particular client has exposure to some or all of these strategies depends on the client’s investment objectives and risk tolerance.


Program Options


Traditional Assets

Equity and fixed income securities issued by governments, municipalities, institutions, and corporations tend to be the foundation of most of Seagrave Capital Management client portfolios. Clients may wish their portfolios to include low-fee index mutual funds and ETFs, long-only equity managers, hedge fund strategies, fixed income (including taxable and tax-exempt securities), and individual securities and indexes.

Seagrave Capital Management Branded Investments

Seagrave Capital Management has developed a number of investment products under the Seagrave Capital Management brand to meet the needs of our clients in this ever-evolving investment environment. Each product is managed or co-managed by investment professionals with an average of 20 years’ experience in their niche of investing.  As a result, we provide clients with a deep level of investment product expertise within a team approach to overall portfolio management.

Seagrave Capital Management Municipal and Fixed Income Group

The directors of our tax-exempt and taxable bond departments begin their work with a complimentary, static analysis of clients’ existing bond portfolios. The team, whose members are seasoned veterans of the municipal bond industry rigorously analyze credit and risk profiles of each bond. Based on the client’s state of residence, income needs, and approach to risk, the team might advise alterations to the portfolio. The fees for Seagrave Capital Management bond strategies are transaction only. This means the client will not pay quarterly/annual fees on stagnant fixed income positions. Clients are charged only when bonds are bought and sold.

Seagrave Capital Management Strategic Asset Allocation Models 

Informed by a client’s risk tolerance and return objectives, the Seagrave Capital Management team allocates capital across mutual funds and ETFs. We have a unique approach to asset allocation which encompasses tax-efficient wealth preservation and growth strategies. By understanding and diversifying sources of risk, we believe investors better reduce portfolio risks such as insufficient liquidity, excess leverage, or debt. These portfolios range from conservative to aggressive growth.

Seagrave Capital Management Equity Income Portfolios and Correlation Analysis

This strategy utilizes a combination of fundamental and technical analysis to construct custom income portfolios for high net worth clients. The process begins with fundamental analysis to select the best publicly traded companies. Technical analysis is then used to construct and refine assets with optimal risk and return properties. This dynamic approach to management allows clients to replace earned income with investment income. The risk overlay portion of this offering entails analyzing all sectors of a client’s portfolio to ensure optimized asset allocation, which strives to reduce correlations and redundancies.

Seagrave Capital Management Managed Account Command Program

Seagrave Capital Management has narrowed the universe of long-only equity management talent to a small number of highly regarded managers. In addition to a careful performance analysis, our manager due diligence process entails in-person meetings with managers and ongoing conversations about market sentiment, market outlook, and investment strategy. The Seagrave Capital Management team closely monitors the performance of each manager.

Partner Investment Products

Seagrave Capital Management has partnered with several “best of breed” organizations to offer unique solutions for our clients’ investment needs outside of our offerings. To optimize results for our clients, we provide services in areas where we have great expertise and we partner with select firms when we need deeper technical expertise. We ensure that these firms embrace the same values as Seagrave Capital Management and offer the highest level of service to our clients.

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