Seagrave Capital Management is committed to providing exceptional investment management and personal financial planning services to all of our clients. We invite you to contact us if you would like to learn more. 


Our Philosophy and Approach

The core of our philosophy and approach is based on our guiding principles of Working Hard, Integrity, Trust and Education in order to best serve the needs of our clients. Every client’s personal financial planning needs are unique whether they are about to retire, fresh out of university and starting their first job, in the middle of a demanding career, raising a family, starting a business, approaching a job change or pursuing their personal passions.

At Seagrave Capital Management, the protection of our clients’ best interest is ingrained in all decisions and recommendations we make. We follow The Certified Financial Planning Board’s code of ethics and professional responsibility. The code requires that CFP® certificates and candidates for CFP® certification act as a company when managing their client’s assets and to disclose any conflicts of interest in our advice. The relationship requires that the Seagrave Capital Management places the client’s interest first when making recommendations or decisions on behalf of the client.

At Seagrave Capital Management we work on a fee-only basis. This means that the only compensation we receive is from you, our clients. We receive absolutely no other payments such as: referral fees, sales commissions, marketing commissions, profit sharing, trading fees, performance fees etc. We are only compensated by our clients in order that our advice, and motivation to trade in clients accounts, remains independent and in our clients’ best interest.

We believe that all clients deserve the best service we can provide. Our Approach follows a clear process of Discover, Examine, Select, Implement and Monitor and Measure which is governed by our client’s bill of rights. We don’t refuse any clients based solely on the potential size of the assets under our management. We do however only work with clients where we feel our service and expertise can meet their needs and we encourage and assist all clients to stay current with their tax reporting requirements.  

We will refer our clients or prospective clients to other specialists, for example tax advisers, accountants, attorneys, insurance agents etc. where their expertise may be required to best meet our clients’ needs. We never receive payments for referrals in order that our advice and referrals remain objective.