Seagrave Capital Management provide  a highly respected and unbiased analysis on the state of a company, its potential forthcoming changes and its share price to exponentially increase exposure to investors over a two year period.​ Too often, technology and innovative small and mid cap companies are not well understood by the investment community. Since 2009 Seagrave Capital Management have advised global customers about technology and innovation and therefore  our reputation allows us to achieve high impact exposure. 



Because Seagrave Capital Management have a dedicated team of financial and industry expert analysts scouring the globe and who are constantly watching the major and developing sectors that are constantly publishing market research and propelling companies forward,  our leverage is second to none when it comes to researching investment opportunities.

Equity Research:


  • Performed by entities with financial interest in the stock (sell side or buy side analysts).

  • Equity researchers focus on analyzing stocks, following news, talking to the management and estimating stock valuations, mainly “on radar”, large size companies.

  • Equity researchers often don’t focus on new world companies (life science and technology “off radar”, mid-small cap. firms).

  • Opportunity exists for public mid-small R&D-intensive companies looking for investors’ attention (pump liquidity).​

Independent Equity Research:


  • Performed by entities without financial interest in the stock.

  • A boutique service offered by only a few firms worldwide.

  • Provides an unbiased opinion.

  • No sell side analyst (i.e. marketing analyst) nor buy side analyst (mainly for in-house investment decisions).

  • Calculates the fair value of the share, publishes the current trading price.

  • The analysis does not constitute investment advice (sell/buy), and the service provider has no financial interest in securities they cover.