We have quickly built up a solid track record and established our market position and brand recognition for Japanese-based issuers in Japan, the United States, and the other international capital markets.

Asset Management


Through our asset management business, we provide professional investment management, advisory, and brokerage services primarily to private, corporate and other institutional clients, and family offices. We help manage offshore liquidity for many of our local and overseas clients, allowing them to tap the flexibility and diversity of investment products available only in the offshore markets. Our goal in the asset management business is to produce superior risk-adjusted investment returns and provide investment solutions customized for our clients’ unique needs.

Capital Markets and Advisory


Seagrave Capital Management  are licensed to provide underwriting services for equity and debt offerings in Japan. Our underwriting capabilities have accelerated rapidly since October 2018. From the inception of our investment banking business in October 2018 to March 2019, we completed 36 equity offerings in Japan and the United States as an underwriter or financial advisor, with an aggregate transaction value of US$20.0 billion, including through the exercise of over-allotment options. 

We have quickly built up a solid track record and established our market position and brand recognition for Japanese-based issuers in Japan, the United States, and the other international capital markets. According to the CIC Report, we ranked in the top ten among all independent investment banking firms in Asia as measured by both the number and the aggregate offering size of Japan and U.S. IPOs completed in each of 2018 and the first quarter of 2019, and ranked ninth and third as a book runner among all investment banking firms as measured by the number of Japanese IPOs priced in 2018 and in the first quarter of 2019, respectively.


We ranked in the top ten among international investment firms operating in Asia (excluding China-headquartered investment banking firms), as measured by the number of high-yield bond offerings by Asian-based issuers and AT1 capital preferred share offerings completed by PRC regional banks in 2018 and the first quarter of 2019.

Strategic Investment

Our strategic investment business focuses on long-term equity investments using our own capital. We view it as a natural extension of our other businesses, allowing us to deepen our relationship with clients by participating in their value creation and engaging them into the ‘‘Seagrave Capital Management SpiderNet. We typically source investment opportunities identified through ‘‘Seagrave Capital Management SpiderNet,’’ and focus on investing in innovative internet platforms, financial technology companies, other new economy companies, and other financial institutions.


Our buy-side resources allow us to stay close to the market and provide early access to leading players in key industries that benefit from Japan’s globalization developments and rapid growth in innovation industry. 


• Leveraging ‘‘Seagrave Capital Management SpiderNet.’’ We leverage ‘‘Seagrave Capital Management SpiderNet’’ throughout the investment process to source investments, evaluate opportunities, and provide value added solutions to the investees after our investment. Our portfolio companies are our strategic partners.

• Value investment. We focus on long-term value creation from our investment and how the investments can contribute to our stakeholder of the ‘‘Seagrave Capital Management SpiderNet,’’ rather than looking for short-term returns. Therefore, we do not trade our investments frequently in the secondary market for profit. We have not disposed of any portion of the strategic investments in our current portfolio since the acquisition.

• Synergy with portfolio companies. We have an experienced team for post-investment value creation. We have a board seat in most of our portfolio companies and we devote a lot of our resources to work closely with their management to advise on their strategy, capital markets plan, and support them in their execution process.


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